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To aid life, leaving it free, however, that is the basic task of educators.

Maria Montessori


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Children Grow

At Montessori we nurture the child’s intelligence in the early years and cultivate their full potential. Their innate ability to work with others, lead on projects and care for others is spotlighted increasing their feelings of achievement, self-confidence and independence.

Montessori Philosophy

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Children Create

If something cannot be taught, it’s creativity. That’s why Montessori helps children develop and fulfill their potential through stimulating and challenging learning activities everyday. Our harmonious environment enables children to discover their creativity potential.

Why Our School

A school where

Children Choose

At Montessori School of Agoura, instruction is teacher guided rather than teacher directed. Children choose their activities from appropriate Montessori materials. Children learn and progress at an individual pace with personalized instruction. This leads to a profound understanding of their work.

Our Programs

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Parents Engage

Our parents play much more than the guardian role in their child’s education and development. Involvement and engagement in their child’s progress and process is essential. This improves their child’s skills aiding the child’s mental development and self-construction.

Parent Information

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Teachers Guide

Assisting in the children’s physical and mental evolution, bringing them in contact with their environment and the tools by which they cope with the world, our teachers guide your children to cultivate their own natural desire to learn, becoming facilitators in their education.

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